Today Was Not How I Planned

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| Necklase-Lia Sophia |

Last night when I went to sleep @ 9:30 I had a plan to make a picture for the Lake, do my homework, and lounge around all day. Well my coworker Amber had other plans for me, she text me around 830 AM and said 'Come to the Intensive Medicine Clinical Program Conference'. At first I thought...It would be fun but it started around 7:30 and I don't want to be the loser who shows up super late...It would be informative...but man I'm going to be late. Whatever, I got up, took a 2 min shower, got ready, and made it down there all within an hour! This was a miracle because the location is about 30 minutes drive time away! I made it right in time to see the director of our ICU speak and let me say I'm so glad I went today. Although I spaced meeting with the cabinet guy this morning, which I do feel horrible about I learned about what's to come to my ICU, how things are changing, and more information about a certain disease process that I deal with regularly. But yes I was still the loser that showed up late...oh well!

 So the pictures above are 2 of the amazing doctors I work with, Dr Clemmer in the top picture and Dr Beninati in the lower one. I am grateful to work with such intelligent men who love to teach, and I know I learned from them as they presented today. So thank you! I posted more pictures to my instagram if you are interested @Nikki1156

On to more blogger business, did you catch my post on Blissful and Domestic yesterday? If not run on over there and check it out! I love posting over there, it's always a party! And welcome new readers! We are almost to 100! When we get there I think we will have to celebrate with a little treat!

Thanks Amber for getting me out of bed and taking my pictures today! You are a super star!!
(Addendum...Thanks to my boss Nancy for telling Amber to text me! haha)