'Fire Red' Pants

Pants-Volcom, Shirt-Nordstrom, Shoes-Tory Burch, Watch-MK, Belt-F21

That is what the description online for the pants I'm wearing in these pictures. Let me just say who ever wrote that description needs to see if they are color blind because...hello they are ORANGE!!! There is nothing wrong with the color because I've wanted to orange pants for along time,  I just wasn't expecting the color.

Tonight we went to my nieces birthday, she turned 7 and man she got tons of nail polish, some clothes, and a stuffed animal of a squirrel (yes I said a squirrel). The hubs and I wanted to buy her a fish but then we got to Walmart and they stopped selling them, those jerks! haha JK! Seems like she had a great birthday, what 7 year old doesn't' enjoy gifts and all the attention. Happy Birthday, love you!

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