Last day-off

Today is my last day-off until I start my 3 nights. It's always sad and makes me want to do one last thing crazy and wild until my next 4 days off.

 Pants-Anthropologie, Tank top-Old Navy, Cardi- Nordstrom Rack, Watch-Vestal, Sunnies- RayBans, Necklace- Made by my SIL Holly, Bracelets-Found both :)
So this is what I have done so far?

- Went to lunch with a cousin, Ash it was fun and we got so much food, I'm stuffed!

- Took my pictures in a lovely park with a stream running through it. Too bad I forgot my tripod at home and had to find a picnic table away from anyone walking a dog or laying on a blanket that might run off with my camera.

- Plans tonight to go to the amazing outdoor holy land of REI!! I can't wait, we need to get the Hubs a sleeping bag and maybe a tarp for our future camping trip. Which I might add is coming starting next week and I need some lovely ladies to do guest posts for me, anyone interested??

Email me if you're interested in doing a guest post, I'd love to have anyone contribute!
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