Utah Art Festival 2010

On Saturday Jeff and I went to the Utah Art Festival in downtown Salt Lake! We had a blast, saw a lot of amazing local artists and a few from nearby states. I took pictures of some things, but wasn't able to take pictures of everything with respect to the artists who asked 'no pictures taken'.

This year the festival was packed! It was great to see all the locals come out and support local art!

Here are a few pictures of my favorites!

These first 2 pictures were an artist who made statues out of old stuff. I loved the creativity of the artist!

These 2 pictures were a booth with messenger bags made out of old billboards! They were soo cool and i would have bought one if i didn't already have 2 Timbuk 2 bags. I did want to buy the bag made out of burlap, but it was way too big for my smaller body. One cool thing they had at this booth was you could put your own messenger bag together. It was a pattern cut out of the billboard and you weaved the handle throughout the bag. They were simple yet cute bags!

This statue was beautiful! I loved how accurate the back looked and how the metal looked as smooth as skin. This must have taken along time because each piece was tacked welded together. I was impressed with the skill of this artist!

I apologize for not giving the artist the credit they deserve, i totally spaced it and forgot to grab the artists names! But each artist there was truly amazing and unique! Thanks for sharing your art!