Little me on a 350 cc day

I'm very excited about the progress my husband has made on my little motorcycle in the past month. Its not much, but just enough to let me know he's still thinking about it. About 8 months ago we bought me a 1973 Honda cl 350 that didn't run and was a project for Jeff. Jeff was all for it, he started right on taking the engine apart and buying new parts for it once him and Andy Carter from Pangea Speed brought it home. But then he hit a speed bump and needed a little help. Well this last week he took the engine to a Honda shop to have them split the case (aka split the engine apart). Yesterday we picked up the engine and I'm hoping from there Jeff will get excited about the project again. Its no where near being close to done and I'm fine with the wait. I was just planning on riding next summer, so Jeffie don't forget about it :)

Here's a picture of my little cl 350.

Riding motorcycles is a little more on my dangerous side, but its just so much fun and I got the coolest gloves to wear once i start riding :) Let me know one of the hobbies on your more dangerous side.