Happy Valentines Day!

How is it going so far?? Mine is great considering I'm sick with a cold :( Last night I got home from work and took one Sinex at 10pm(which I was suppose to take 2) then slept until 11 am today! That's what happens when I take antihistamine I'm out like a light bulb!

Then today got ready ran some errands because im pressed for time with work and getting ready for the trip. I had to cancel my nail appointment too :( I just didn't see how I could get my nails done when I'm blowing my nose and sneezing every five seconds. Ran out to the Vietnamese store and bought some stuff for Jeff's first round of making Pho, by the way was AMAZING!! Went and saw my parents, brought them some Vietnamese sandwiches and treats! Now I'm back in pjs and going to settle down for a movie with the man I love! Hope you guys have a great and fun night! Tell me what ya did!!