Friday Confessions

Welcome to my Friday confessions post. Todays post is not really a confession but more a description if how cool this place it I'm sitting at.  A little history first...

Jeff has always wants to find a barber shop that fits the old time barber shop description. Stripped walls, old Belmont chairs, old time music playing In the background and the older guy who has been cutting hair for years and years. We have never been able to find this type of barber in Utah but we might have found him in Las Vegas.

When you walk in the Barber Shop you see the hunter green stripped walls, the old Belmont chairs and the sound of a six piece trombone band jammin lightly in the background. You notice the old silver haired barber cutting with the loud shears and making small talk to the customer in the chair. This brings a smile to Jeff and my face just to be sitting waiting with the other customers. Wondering what small talk the barber is going to make with you, old people always have the best stories.

As we wait all of a sudden I hear the music come to an end, the barber turns off his shears and sets them down. Walks to the tape player, presses the eject button, flips the tape over and closes the door. The music starts to play again and just at that moment I realize he's living the American dream. Doing what he loves for a living.

I thought for sure I had found a career I would feel the same about, but I can't really consider lifting 300 lbs patients and cleaning up grown adults as living the dream. Thank goodness that there are so many aspects of nursing to explore. I have wanted to be a nurse ever since my kindergarten graduation, at times I felt it was never going to come true. To all those people who are trying to live their dream and it seems impossible, don't give up! Don't stop chasing it, you will regret it! I tried multiple times to change my major and I'm so glad I didn't. Nursing may not be a very glamourous career or at least ICU nursing isn't glamorous, but it was my dream and guess what, I completed it.

Living the dream just means you're happy! Do what makes you happy!

Have an awesome weekend!