Changin' it up!

My title is referring to my hair, I never do my hair parted down the middle. I've just never been a huge fan of it on myself really, love it on other people. But this morning I decided to switch it up a little, not to mention I also followed Sydney from The Daybook hair tutorial she posted today. Her hair still looks way better than my turned out, guess I'll have to go buy some dry shampoo.

Shirt-Forever 21, Pants- Kohls (old), Cardigan- UO, Shoes- Steve Madden(close)

I finished my 3 days of work and had pretty good days. They were super busy. My first day was simply crazy(without going into too much detail and getting in trouble I'll just leave it at those words!) My second day was much better until the end of the shift when I got a new admit which was a Code Blue called from another floor. All I have to say is I have the best coworkers around to help me out when I need it! My third day wasn't too bad but it was busy full of Rapid Responses and another Code Blue which ended up being a false alarm(which I'm glad about!).  All and all a pretty good couple of days at work, learned a lot, built a little more confidence in myself, and had a good time with my coworkers.

Here is my outfit today, sorry it's so late I've been attempting to do homework all day. Attempting meaning I've been having really long and great phone conversations with some awesome people (long as an hour and a half total between 2 calls, thanks Amber loved it!) and then explaining to my nephew all his questions he has to answer to get his first aid merit badge for scouts (I realized I have no clue on what to do for frost bite). After all that I finally started my homework which I thought was going to take maybe 3 hours, nope try again how about 6 hours! I'm glad I'm done with this class(class=not so much fun!)

Well one assignment done, one to go which will be tomorrows project which is a 6-8 pg paper :( Agenda now...nice long bath while listening to soothing tunes in my new bath tub! Ekk I'm so excited!
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