Yippee Skippee

You get to see an outfit post!! This is what I wore to church yesterday. I had kind of a hard time trying to figure out what shirt I should wear, but I like how it turned out.

Do you want to know my favorite part of this whole outfit? The skirt!!  Jeff found this skirt at a Down East store for less than $10 and I looked at him and said 'really' but I always try on stuff that Jeff pulls because he usually see the potential in things and I have a hard time with that. Well I put it on and I love everything about it! I love how it's lined so it doesn't stick to anything I wear underneath it, I love how the fabric is really heavy, and I love the colors and pattern. 

I do enjoy this jacket! But I was slightly disappointed in the quality that it is. Free People usually makes amazing clothes and they are still one of my favorite brand, but this jacket will fall apart if you don't treat it with love. The seams have split in multiple spots, kinda bummed when that started (I did fix it them). But did you notice the stitching on the back of it...AMAZING and the puffy shoulders...AMAZING!!

Outfit. Jacket-Free People from The Childrens Hour, Skirt- Penguin from Down East Basics, Shirt- Khols, Tights- JCPennys, and Shoes-hubby bought for me 6 years ago(He doesn't remember)

Sorry about the photos...hubby will be talked to about getting some more full length ones.