Vegas Baby!! {Resolution}

OK after these last 2 weeks I needed to get away and my family was going down to our condo in Vegas so I hitched a ride. Man BEST idea I've had this month. I didn't really want to go down to the Strip, or gamble, or shop I just wanted to go to get away from the horrible weather and the thought of school. Well that didn't work I went shopping, to the Strip, and gambled each day I was there.  I had a blast with my family. I defiantly needed this.

When we went shopping I found a new purse!! Look oh look at how amazing this purse is! Thank you Coach for making this beauty! I'm using the long strap it comes with to make it a side bag, it's perfect for me. So this counted for my one purchase every 2 months. I noticed as I was shopping in designer store heaven that I was going to buy something, so I had to make my purchase count. I went through the Juicy Couture store and found stuff I really like but nothing I loved. Window shopped the Michael Kors store, nothing appealing. Then I passed the Coach store, I never go in the Coach store because I'm not a purse person. Well I'm glad I did, now I'm the proud owner of that purse above.

Now that I've made this new purchase I'm kinda nervous for the next month and a half. I had to fight the urges to just buy one thing in Vegas and now that I've had a taste of the stores, the fabulous clothes out there and the feeling of new clothes it's going to be very difficult. Wish me luck, hopefully school will keep me super busy so I don't think of it.