Super Sunday!

Saturday night I worked a grave, got home Sunday morning then after showering finally got to bed around 0830. I was woken up about 1:30pm to get ready for church. Can I just say I was stinkin tired. 5 hours of sleep is just not enough for me, or maybe it's not the actual amount of sleep but the lounging around I missed out on after I woke up. That's my favorite part about working graves, you have a GREAT excuse of why your in your pjs all day long and people totally agree with you! 

Anyways here is my Sunday attire. Love the new colorful pieces I added to my collections the other day, sure I overspent by way too much but oh well I've really enjoyed them. This skirt is from Target also(as were my yellow mellow pants I wore the other day). Its a great skirt because 1. The color 2. The length and 3. The fabric-it's slightly stretchy! I love stretchy clothes! 

What are your new colorful trends this spring??

Well hope everyone has a great Monday. Here is my weekly schedule.
Monday-sleep then work meeting(lame totally ruins my pj house cleaning day)
Tuesday- I'm on-call but the units been so busy lately I'm planning on working at 0700
Wednesday- DAY OFF!!
Thursday- DAY OFF #2!!
Friday-sleep then work
Saturday sleep then work
Sunday-sleep then work
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