Clean car...

Greatest Feeling In The WORLD!!! That's what I did today, went and washed the car, cleaning the interior, AND waxed it! Yep I waxed the car!! I can't wait to get in it tomorrow and drive to my next location.
 Tonight the Hubs and I had a visit from the stake president...I thought for sure one of us was getting a calling, but man we lucked out. They just wanted to come by and say hi, maybe next time we'll be the lucky ones lol.
Pants-Reuse, Shirt-Levis, Shoes-Forever Young Shoes, Belt- Michael Kors, Watch-Marc by Marc Jacobs, Necklace-unknown brand bought through Fab
Have a great night! I'm going to get scone cutter...if I can talk the Hubs into it!

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