We're switchin up gears here...

I've been a little under the weather here the past couple of days. I've been buried in blankets, the humidifier, and Kleenex's and can't get away :( I had to call into work last night and I hate doing that! 

So since I can't get out of my PJ's and take some cute pictures I decided to switch it up from fashion and do a post about the house we are building and what details I'll have in it. 
So here are some highlights 

White cabinets like these with the similar hardware. 

Back splash color but subway shape (love this shape but hubs doesn't, have to compromise)

back splash cut and tiled this way
Dark hardwoods!!

Living Room

Tile around fireplace
I want lots of light, lots of windows, and comfy cozy sectional.

Similar tile colors and cabinets
Tile flooring

Master Bathroom
Tub and shower tile
Tile flooring

Laundry Room
counter tops


The Exterior
The color and trim
Front Door and house numbers

Well, I think that's the bones of the place. I can't wait for it to be done and I'm getting super excited! Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow! 2 days of doing nothing, watching movies, and eating soup is getting pretty old!
{All pictures are via Pinterest)