The Shine Project

Whoa! When I heard The Shine Project was coming to Utah I instantly wanted to go take part of this event and help a great company. The Shine Project employees low income American youth to hand make trendy bracelets to help them pay their way through college. Since I spent 10 years in college, I know how much it can cost and had to help out. The only problem I've occurred is that I won't be in town for this can I just insert a huge frowning face with a tear! But I figured I'd still share with my buddies and pals about it.
A lot of local bloggers will be there, a lot of amazing jewelry, and a chance to win a $25 gift card to Threads by The Shine Project & $25 Soel Boutique is happening this week!  Check out @theshineproject on IG for updates! 
Wish I could be there, but vaca is calling. 
Everyone have a blast for me!

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