How to Make a Painted Sign!

Decided to change it up around here today. 
I made a sign for my bathroom and actually remembered to use my camera.
So that is what this lovely post will be about today.

I made this sign today! It didn't take very long and it was super easy.
Let me show you!
I found this saying on the handy dandy Pinterest.
When I saw it all the words were vertical so I had to rearrange it on Photoshop to be horizontal.

 I did a new project and set the size in inches to what the size of the board I had and how long I wanted the sign to be. It was 5 inches long and 36 inches wide.
 I messed around with the fonts a little then sent the file to my hubby who so conveniently works at an architects office and can print very large things off.
 Once I got the file on paper I cut it to size of the board. I do have to mention though that I cleaned the board by dusting it off with a broom and had to cut it to the length of 42 inches. Once the paper was cut to the width I centered it with 3 inches on both side and taped it at each end.
 Here is the whole board. Make sure and only tape the ends and not the middle.
Then I used this transfer paper that was left over from an older sign project. 
 Take the transfer paper and lay it between the board and the paper. Make sure the waxy side is face down.
 Once your transfer paper is in place use something to trace the top design with, I usually just use the back of a paint brush, or a pencil will work just fine. Once you trace one part, just move your transfer paper down the project. For example after I traced the bike and the word 'Life' I'd have to move my transfer sheet down the board to trace the word 'is'. If you notice that you are tracing and you aren't seeing the design on your board all you need to do is flip the transfer sheet upside down.
 Here is the finished traced design.
From there I took white paint and just painted over the tracing. I used white transfer sheet and white paint, that way you didn't have to be perfect and paint over the lines. Oh and you don't really have to paint all the details. For example the bike spokes aren't painted, they are just the trace paper. 

And there you have it, a painted sign!
Enjoy and I want to see your projects!!

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