Bear Lake

Went to open the cabin this past weekend.
Jeff and I had this conversation on the way up
Jeff  I know I'm forgetting something.
Me Umm swimsuit? toothbrush?
Jeff Nope Nope
Time goes by...
Jeff I know what I toppings
Me Oh easy fix we will stop in Evanston
Jeff Ya, at least it wasn't underwear or socks
Me Oh..dang it...yep I forgot those! 
It was a good thing we only stayed a night.
 My aunts, uncles and grandparents (minus 3)
 They like to stand and discuss for hours.

 / Shorts-Europe / Shirt-Madewell / Hat-Nordstrom / Shoes-Converse / Sunnies-Raybans /

This is my heaven on earth. Cant wait to go back!

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