Nurses Week

Since today is the last day of nurses week I thought I should do a top ten list.

Top ten reasons
You know you're an LDS Hospital ICU nurse.....
#10 You wash your hands before you go to the bathroom
#9 You can talk about poo and sputum while eating
#8 You go home and still hear ventilator, monitor, and pump alarms
#7 Rectal tubes are your best friend
#6 You see the same order 'Ambulate tid' written everyday even though you already ambulate tid
#5 You know the best way to restrain someone
#4 You know it's busy when you get the 0500 text message
#3 You praise the person who gives you a Propofol drip and live it up the whole shift
#2 You know that Propofol drip will be gone by the next time you get there
and the #1 reason
You'll never forget your stop cock again after that last bronch
I just want to say I have the best coworkers and without the amazing team I work with my day would be horrible! Thanks LDSH MSICU staff you guys rock!!
PS my scrubs are on their way!!

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