Europe Part 5 Cologne Germany

We are in Cologne Germany today! I really wanted to check out The Dom 
and since it was on the way to my cousin 
I thought it was the perfect opportunity to stop by.
On my way there we saw this crazy spectacle below.
I can't figure it out! 
Here is the famous Dom.
Isn't it amazing!

 The inside was even more amazing, but I don't have a good lens to really showcase how amazing it is.
So my 50 mm 1.8 will just have to do.

 Then we had to visit the Love Lock bridge which was right outside the Dom
 Then we had to see these cute little houses!

After trying to get to the train station and showing up late, I was grateful that the train itself was late. 
It was slightly stressful but the German people were so sweet and nice to help me out.
Oh and don't run and grab bottled water thinking it's normal water, nope you'll probably end up with carbonated water in a bottle. They love that stuff, and it was such a disappointment when your super thirsty. 

Next stop-yummy lunch in a small German town!

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