Breakfast @ Tiffanys

Like I said in yesterdays post, I got the privilege of going to Tiffany & Co Christmas Event and it was full of breakfast, history of the 175 year company, shiny sparkly things, and meeting new and seeing 'old' friends.  
I'm so grateful for this opportunity, I finally feel that I'm meeting new friends via my blog. This has always been one of my goals, and it's only taken me around 300 posts, haha. Now if I can know just as half of many people as Gentrilee and Jenny  I'll be happy!
Left to Right: Lauren & Madison, Gentrilee, Jessi, and Jenny

These girls are amazing and my new blogging buddies! I can't wait for all of us to get together again soon!
 Look at this ring...amazing!!
And this one...
 My super cute cousin joined me and I'm so glad she did! Thanks Kenz for coming with me, you are gorgeous as always!! Love you!

I want one of these...
and this bracelet...
and this...
And maybe this too! 

Not only did we get to try on amazing jewelry and get amazing breakfast but we also got our own little blue box. I was so excited, and then thought I was going to get mugged on my way back to the car carrying this little bag! Don't worry...I didn't lol!

 Inside were these Tiffany color stone earrings! LOVE! I'm wearing them right now!

I just wanted to thank Tiffany & Co for the amazing event they put on for local fashion bloggers, it really was a moment to remember!