Last post was 3 changes, this post 3 exciting moments!

/ Pants-Kohls / Shirt-H&M / Jacket-H&M / Shoes-Tory Burch / Watch-MK /
If you aren't busy, I'll switch ya! That face in the top picture is my first excitement because I finished my BSN program yesterday! That means, no more papers, no more assignments, no more presentations, and no more capstone hours! If you follow my instagram ( @nikki1156) you probably realized how excited I was about all this yesterday, I posted 3 million pictures! 

(Don't wear these in the dirt...they get dirty)
Then to make yesterday even more exciting the second one is the progress on my house is coming right along! The framing will start today, we hope! I finished picking the tile out yesterday, next is the carpet, the hardwoods, and find the exterior lighting. 

The last excitement is we finally got our Christmas tree up! It finally feels like Christmas!

Alright,  off to a work meeting, have a great day!