Hi, my name is Nikki. I'm the one who runs this little blog over here, if you might have forgot since I've been MIA the past week. I also am the one who has provided the lack of outfit posts the past week. But while I was gone I had some lovely ladies helping me out and don't worry there are a few more amazing ladies to come! 

I know the Christmas Season is super busy, but holy moly I've never been this busy! I'm slightly stressed out because there are only 12 days until Christmas and I haven't even started my shopping yet! AHH just saying that makes me stressed! 

I do have an outfit for you today and a few other pics that I've taken in my life the past couple of days! Woot Woot ! Sorry only one pic of my outfit...and ps I'm HORRIBLE at night pictures!

Well that's one thing out of many that I've done in the last week!
Congrats Brittany and Jeremy! Brittany I'm so happy for you and that you've found such a great guy! 
See you guys in March...in GERMANY!!