Christmas Traditions {Marsa from The DayLee Journal}

Hello soon-to-be friends :)

I'm Marsa from The DayLee Journal and today we're talkin about Christmas traditions! To be honest when I heard "Christmas Traditions" the only thing I could think of was opening presents and eating a big feast haha. In my home, Christmas meant decorating the tree, putting lights up around the house, opening presents, eating a feast, and spending time with family. That was the best part. I grew up in Hawaii so when Christmas rolled around, we never had snow. Sad... I know. So once I moved up to Utah, I just absolutely fell  in love with the pure whiteness that December brings. It was just one of things to me. You know, the "you only see it in the movies" kinda thing. The white snow, the perfectly decorated gingerbread looking houses, cute winter coats, and the snow topped Christmas trees. I just love it. Last December I got married to my Mr. so this year, I'm excited for us to start our own family traditions! I'm not sure what that is yet but maybe we'll have a snowball fight or something. Hah some tradition huh? But hey, we all start somewhere.

Thanks Nikki for this opportunity!

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