Utah Blogger Interview {Gentri of Gentri Lee Blog}

I'm sure you've heard about this pretty lady, she is simply amazing! This is Gentri Lee from Gentri Lee Blog. If you haven't heard from her yet, get to know her here then go visit her lovely blog!

 I've had a blog for about 4 years, but I've only been a blogger for about 2 years

Well, it's MY name. haha!

I am originally from Utah, but I've lived all over!

I am single, no kids, and unfortunately, no pets.

 I am a Makeup Artist, Master Aesthetician, and Blogger, but the job that pays the bills is my receptionist job for a salon here in Utah.

My Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch, I worked hard for it and will never be parted from it. haha!

Hiking and camping for sure! 

Comparing myself to others.

It's a small SUV- Hyundai Tuscon

Dinosaurs. Honestly.


 Instagram, for sure.

Pretty Little Liars!

  When I spent a Summer in Alaska, that was my third time there and we really lived it up. Best time of my life, I still wish I could go back.

I need to go visit Gentri for some make up help, the makeovers I've seen her do are gorgeous! 
Thanks again Gentri! 
Make sure and visit her blog here!