Utah Blogger Interview {Kelsey of Kelsey Bang}

 Kelsey of Kelsey Bang is one cute and talented lady! She makes the cutest little stuffed animals and bow ties and I can't wait to give one to my future kiddos. Anyway get to know her more here then rush over to her blog. 

I have been blogging since September 2010. I have just recently really had fun getting into blogging, share my blog and looking at others blogs! Its so fun to see what others have to share and be part of the blogging world.


I have always loved my last name Bang, so Kelsey Bang was it! 

I am originally from Arizona, and LOVE it there! I hope to move back someday! I have been in Utah for 6 years now, so I guess its safe to say I am from Utah now :)

I am married to my cute husband Jake. We have been married for 2 years now and are loving life! We have 4 aquatic turtles that keep getting bigger and bigger. We hope to build them a pond in the backyard soon with a fence around it, so we can get a puppy to :)

My current career is perfecting being a bum :) I also stay at home and work on my online store too! That actually takes up all of my time! I sew stuffed animals and bow ties all day and love it! I like to do boutiques in Utah Valley too! (kelseybang.etsy.com)

Currently I am obsessed with waxed jeans! I LOVE them! I love the way they feel, and everything about them! My favorite ones are from Citizens of Humanity! They are so amazing, I had to buy them in every color :) 

I love to snowboard in the winter at Park City! I love the snow and love being able to play in it! In the summer! I love to ride my bike up Provo Canyon! Its so beautiful out, and you cant beat the sunny weather!

One of my worst habits is being horrible at saving money! And budgeting in general! I am good at it if its not my money, but any time I earn money, I always want to spend it right away! Way bad habit...

I drive a mom car :) A white escalade. 

This is going to sound really odd, but one of my biggest fears is getting pregnant (I want kids someday) and gain a ton of weight and never be able to get it back off! Weird right?

I would actually choose an animal print! I love prints with little animals on them! They make me smile! If I couldn't have that, I would choose polka dots. They are easier to pair other items with and make a statement piece. 

Instagram all the way! I could look at it all day long! And I usually do! Its a bad/fun addiction! 

Currently its The Bachelor! I cant wait to see if he picks Lindsay or Catherine! I also love the Disney channel and the Ellen Show!  

I love to travel anywhere! Especially out of the country! I feel if I am with my hubby,  anywhere can be a vacation and be so much fun! One of my favorite places we like to vacation to regularly, and I miss if we dont go there often is Disneyland in California! I love the food, the smiles, the themes, rides... everything at Disneyland!

Oh, this is a tuff question! There are always so many things I want! I have been wanting a new purse, and have a few in mind, so I have been saving for those! 

There you have it, Kelsey from Kelsey Bang. Don't you wish you had that cool of a last name? I do! Don't forget to run to her blog and check out her cute Etsy store. Thanks again Kelsey!