Utah Blogger Interview {Sasha of Moiology}

Are you ready for another super cute local blogger! Sasha blogs over here and when you're there you'll notice her style is amazing and simply inspiring!

I've been blogging on my personal family blog since 2008, but I started my food and style blog, Moiology,  6 months ago. 

Deciding on a name was probably the most challenging part of making my blog. After making a long list full of meaningful words, bouncing back at my husband, and twisting words around Moiology just kind of popped up in the midst and stuck with me.

I was born in Utah, but I grew up in Japan since I was 3 weeks old. It's my home. I miss it everyday. 

Married to a handsome man with the most adorable puppy dog! 

I work for Google as an analyst.

This is tough... Probably all the clothing my mother has given me. She is bit of a clothing hoarder. She still has fabulous label items from when she was single, and I get to reap the benefits now that I'm older and am able to appreciate it. Shopping in her closet is one of my favorite things to do. 

Hiking for sure! I love hiking in Moab! It's so beautiful down there.

Doubting myself. 

Hyundai, Santa Fe. I love my Asian cars!

 Losing my husband. And my teeth chipping or breaking. 

Have about all of them?! I love beautiful patterns! But if I need to choose one, it would be... Stripes. 

 used to be an instagram addict, but that kind of faded away... 

I have so many! I will willingly admit, I love TV shows, and I will make time to watch them. My current favorites are Dexter, Breaking bad, Homeland, The Walking Dead. I still love Friends and Sex and The City. They will forever be my favorite shows. 

North shore in Oahu is always my favorite spot to vacation. I love it because it feel like time doesn't exist there.  

I've been wanting the Celine trapeze bag for the longest time. And I'm currently saving all my pennies to purchase it. But honestly at this rate? It might be 2025 when I come up with the funds. And then, it will most likely be out of style. 

Well folks I hope you enjoyed reading Sasha's interview, she's amazing and I hope we get together soon!