Utah Blogger Interview {Lauren of Sincerely, Lo}

This lady is so adorable not to mention she's been helping me out here a lot lately! It's Lauren from Sincerely Lo. Not only is she quite the fashionista but she's also really talented with Mintgem. So make sure and get to know her here then rush to her blog and follow her!

I really started to focus and put time into my blog last December!

I recently just changed it from Mintgem (my jewelry shop name) to Sincerely, Lo. I wanted to separate the two. I got the idea for my new blog name from my favorite blog Sincerely, Jules. Coming up with the blog name was the hardest part of blogging for me! 

I was born outside of Seattle, Washington but we moved back to Utah when I was still a baby

Not married, but do have a boyfriend. I have two pets a dog named Rosco, and a cat named Henry. They are often shown off on my blog!

I am currently going to school at the University of Utah for Marketing, and also nannying for a 10 month old and another family with a 3 and 6 yr old!

My wedge black lace up ankle boots! They are very comfortable, spice up any outfit, and can be worn so many ways! 
I have never been to Sundance, I dont know why because it sounds like fun! But I would have to say snowboarding

Sleeping in. I could sleep all day everyday

A hunk of metal called a VW Jetta. Its a ticking time bomb! 

My BIGGEST fear is the little girl from 'The Ring'. It scarred me for life!

Definitely stripes! 

Instagram. No contest! I swear Im on there all day! 

Currently, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Bali, Indonesia! Its the farthest I've ever been and it was the first time I flew by myself! Also its an amazing place with amazing people! On the trip, I got to meet the real Balinese Medicine Man from the book Eat, Pray, Love! 

Its not really a statement piece but I am saving up for new bathing suit! Summer is right around the corner! 

 Yay for swimming suits, I need to start looking for one too! Don't forget to check out her blog and stick around her stop of awhile! Thanks Lauren!